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Bolpur Shipa Niketan was established in 2012-13 in Birbhum district of West Bengal. The site is located at Mouza Sibpur at a distance of 5 km from Bolpur Railway station National Highway no. - 2B passes on the western and southern edges of the Park. Service Depot of I.O.C. Limited exists adjacent of the Park. The Location of the Park is at about 179 kms away from Kolkata by road and 150 kms by train. Bolpur-Santiniketan is the municipality and subdivision head quarter in Birbhum District in the state of West Bengal,. It is best known for its proximity to Visva Bharati, the university set up by the poet Rabindranath Tagore. Given its proximity to Santiniketan and Sriniketan, it is one of the seats of culture and education in West Bengal.Bolpur subdivision is at the south border of Birbhum district.

Map Of West Bengal

Industrial Park snapshot (Bolpur Shilpa Niketan)

District Birbhum
Gram Panchayat Raipur-Supur gram panchayat
Total Area of Land 55 acres
Allottable area 55 acres
Available area 0 acres
No. of Allotment 2 (All to Govt. organizations)
Lease Premium(Rates in Rupees per acre) Rs. 19,97,550.00


Road connectivity:

Kabi Joydeb Road connecting Ilam Bazar to Bolpur is running through the Centre line of the Park. Suratheshwar Sib Mandir is the nearby Bus Stop. National Highway no. 2B which connects Suri to Barddhaman is also lying at western border of the Park. Road travel distance to different places from the location of I.G.C. are :

  • Suri - 35 Km.
  • Ilam Bazar - 14 Km.
  • Barddhaman - 55 km.

Map Of West Bengal

Railway connectivity:

The nearest railway station is Bolpur station which is about 5 kms from the Park.

Port connectivity:

The closest port is Kolkata which is at a distance of about 170 km to the Park. Haldia port is at a distance of 265 km.

Airport connectivity:

The closest major airport is Kolkata, which is about 180 kms away from bolpur Industrial Park.

Physical features

Various Government organizations have been allotted land for development of social and institutional infrastructure in the Park zone. Bolpur and its location around are well known for terracotta temples, whose panels are more exquisitely molded than the better-known and larger temples of Bisnupur, Bankura. One such temple popularly known as "Suratheswar Sibmandir" is located at western end of the Park.

Physical features

Infrastructure Availability

At a glance:
Heads Characteristics
  • Kabi Joydeb Road connecting Ilam Bazar & Bolpur, Sekhampur Shahpur Road (N.H. 2B)
Street Lights
  • Existing over the mentioned Roads
  • Supplied by WBSEDCL
Administrative Office of WBIIDC
  • Within the Park.


Prominent Units

There are 4 allotted units in Bolpur Industrial Park Some of the prominent establishments are :

Physical features

Webel IT Park

Details of Infrastructure may also be seen in GIS system GIS System


Sl Clearances/ NOCs/ Approvals
1. Change of Land Use
(Category of Land is ‘Industrial’, so application for conversion of land use to Industrial category is not needed to be applied for by the unit holders)
2. Water Connection
(available in the Industrial Park)
3. Sewerage Connection
(available in the Industrial Park)

Approvals Required for Starting a Manufacturing Enterprise in the Industrial Industrial Park

Pre - Establishment Approvals
Sl Clearances/ NOCs/Approvals From Web-site (Link)
1 Registration of Property (post execution Deed) Dte. of Registration & Stamp Revenue, Finance Dept. Link
2 Mutation of Land L&LR Dept./ ULBs Link
3 Online Sanction of Building Plan WBIIDC Link
4 Issuance of Issuance of Plinth Level Completion WBIIDC Link
5 Fire Safety Recommendation Fire & Emergency Services Dept. Link
6 Allocation/Permission for Surface Water (where Surface Water is the Source) Irrigation & Waterways Dept. Link
7 Tree Feeling & Tree Transit Permission Forest Dept. Link
8 Approval of Factory Plan under the Factories Act, 1948 Directorate Of Factories
- Department of Labour
9 Temporary Electricity Connection WBSEDC Ltd/ CESC, as applicable Link
10 Permission for extraction of ground water (where ground water is the Source) State Water Investigation Directorate, WRI&D Dept Link
11 Drug License** Note "as per use" Health & Family Welfare Dept Link
12 SSI registration (as applicable) optional MSME & Textiles Dept. Link
Pre - Operation Approvals
1 Building Occupancy Certificate WBIIDC Link
2 NOC (Fire Safety Certificate) Fire & Emergency Services Dept. Link
3 Fire License Fire & Emergency Services Dept. Link
4 Consent to Operate under Water and Air Act WBPCB, Environment Dept. Link
5 Electricity Connection WBSEDC Ltd/ CESC, as applicable Link
6 Factory License under Factories Act 1948 Directorate Of Factories,
- Department Of Labour
7 Profession Tax Registration Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Finance Dept. Link
8 GST Registration Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Finance Dept. Link
9 Registration under The Shops and Establishment Act (within 30 days of commencement of commercial production) Labour Commissionerate, Labour Dept. Link
10 Registration under Boiler Act, 1923* Note - "as per use" Labour Commissionerate, Labour Dept. Link
11 Registration for license for contractors under provision of The Contracts Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970* * Note- "as per use" Labour Commissionerate, Labour Dept. Link
12 Registration of principal employer's establishment under provision of The Contracts Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970* * Note - "as per use" Labour Commissionerate, Labour Dept. Link
13 Registration under The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996* * Note - "as per use" Labour Commissionerate, Labour Dept. Link
14 Registration of establishment under the Inter State Migrant Workmen (RE&CS) Act, 1979* * Note - "as per use" Labour Commissionerate, Labour Dept. Link
15 Approval for DG set installation* * Note - "as per use" Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Electricity Duty, Finance Dept. Link
16 Different e-services of UDMA Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Link