Building the Base for Industrial Growth
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NOTICE Dated: 1st February,2023. Order of Revised Land Premiums of the different Industrial park of WBIIDC with effect from 01.02.2023 NOTICE Dated: 3rd November,2022. Notification of Modification of "Evaluation Criteria of the DPRs issued by the Corporation at Latest Board meeting" Modification of "Transfer Fee of the prevailing lease premium of the land" Modification of names of different Industrial Parks of the Corporation,based on their locations As per the notification No. 17/2022 Dated :01-08-2022, e-Invoicing is mandatory for the taxpayers with annual turnover more than Rs.10 crores from 01st October 2022. Modification of regarding transfer of shares of a sharehoder in an allottee/lessee company/firm Parks.
Silpasathi Notification
NOTICE Dated: 28/12/2022. Notification of "Allotment of Land in Industrial Area through State Single Window Portal"

Vision & Mission

The Vision of WBIIDC

"Development of Industrial, Social and all relevant kinds of physical Infrastructure as preferred State Agency towards contributing to fulfillment of Development and Economic Growth objectives of the Government of West Bengal".

The Mission of WBIIDC

• To develop Industrial Areas or part thereof, for the purposes of Industrial Parks and make the same available for Indus-trial and Commercial undertakings and Trading Concerns to enable them to establish industries and to carry on trade and commerce therein.

• To undertake execution of development schemes or works either jointly with persons, firms, companies, associations, Government or local Authorities, or as agents for furtherance of the objects of the Corporation.